Textual material

Yxi Lyhykäinen käsitys Sisälliseen Woima-Christillisyyteen, yhteen kootut Johan Georg Gichtelin Theosophiallisista Lähetys-kirioituxista. 1780-luku. Sidoksessa Mikki Sauson omistusmerkintä. Pohjanmaan mystikoiden kokoelma. SKS KIA.
The mystics of Ostrobothnia, 1780s.
Literature and cultural history textual material contains much differing manuscript material and many letters, documents and press clippings. The material takes up about 1,400 shelf metres, mainly in paper format.

Manuscript material

Manuscript material is mostly kept in the archives of authors and other private people, but also in the archives of communities, in collections and with collected materials.

Manuscripts of works

The manuscripts of both published and unpublished works, their different versions, drafts and sketches of different levels, proofs with markings and printed works. The creation process for works and texts may include notes, research material, letters and other material used as sources. They comment on the text or have some other significance in the manuscript’s editing process.

The works’ manuscripts are divided into different types, such as novels and other prose texts, poetry, plays, radio plays, biographies, memoirs and research.


Journals, calendars with journal-like notations and notes.


Articles, essays, causeries, columns, literary reviews and other short texts written for books, magazines or other publications.

Orally presented texts

Speeches, presentations, briefings, lectures, sermons and other oral presentations that have been conserved in writing, whether presented at various events or not.

Research material and notes

Notes and research material containing important information, which are not directly related to the supplementary material of a particular work.


Journal interviews and other interviews that have been preserved in text.

Collection responses

Written responses to public oral history collections related to authors and literary phenomena. 

Letter material

Letters and other significant messages that are part of correspondence between certain people, families or communities and other people, and that are received, owned or written by them. Also, notifications, greetings and congratulations, condolences, invitations and thank you messages that are not as “significant” are included in correspondence. They are separated from the letters into their own groups.

Document material


Central documents related to a person’s life or depicting it. Such documents include CVs, student and work certificates, honorary certificates, publishing agreements and various financial documents.

Agency documents

An individual’s personal documents created through the person’s work, positions of expertise or trust, and hobbies. Such agency activities may include teaching, giving statements, being a member of a competition jury or active participation in the operations of associations and societies.

Community documents

Documents created through the activities of communities include plans and stories about the community’s operations, correspondence and membership lists.

Paper clipping material

Paper clippings and other printed products that depict the operations of the archive subjects (person, family, community) or are written by the archive subjects.