Using the Archives

Our services are available to anyone who is interested in the oral and written cultural heritage of Finland. We will help you to learn how to use our archives and search information in our collections.

Information Services

If you need information on folk traditions or Finnish literature, please contact the archives information services.

  • we will advise you on the use of our material
  • we will help you with thesis topics and the material that would suit them

Our information services are mainly free of charge. Extensive review work must be agreed in advance, and it is subject to a charge.

You can ask questions

Archives Research Rooms

The research rooms are located at the following three addresses:

literary and cultural history resources, formerly Literary Archives (Mariankatu 19 E, Helsinki)
traditional and contemporary cultural resources, formerly Folklore Archives (Hallituskatu 1, Helsinki)
SKS Archives Joensuu Office, formerly Joensuu Folklore Archives (Yliopistokatu 6, Joensuu)

  • you will learn about research room procedures
  • you have access to customer terminals, microfilm reading devices and a wireless customer network
  • you may use your own laptop to take notes 

It is a good idea to schedule an appointment in advance with the Archives in order to obtain access to data on your first visit.