Dr Niina Hämäläinen

Niina Hämäläinen. Kuva: Gary Wornell

Executive Director, The Kalevala Society

E-mail: niina.hamalainen@kalevalaseura.fi, niina.hamalainen@finlit.fi

Research interests:

  • Kalevala meter poetry
  • Kalevala and the study of the epic
  • Critical editions
  • textualization research
  • cultural history of emotions and the family

Niina Hämäläinen works at the research unit of the SKS. Currently, she directs a digital, critical edition of the Kalevala (Open Kalevala) 2018–2020 funded by Alfred Kordelin Foundation and SKS.

Hämäläinen has published several articles on the textual practices of Elias Lönnrot, accomplished a pre-edition of the Kalevala www.aino.finlit.fi/omeka funded by the Kalevala Society in 2016 and has worked as a researcher in the digital project of Elias Lönnrot’s letters www.lonnrot.fi/omeka 2016–2017. She is a co-chief-editor of the open access journal Elore. Her dissertation (2012) discussed the textualization practices of Elias Lönnrot in the Kalevala.

Selected publications:

  • Individual aims, public purposes: Creation and access to tradition archives and vernacular publications in Finland and Ireland. Co-article with Kelly Fitzgerald. In Visions and Traditions. The production of Knowledge at the Tradition Archives. Eds. by Fredrik Skott, Lauri Harvilahti and Audun Kjus. FF Communications 315. Helsinki. 2018.
  • Emotional Transpositions: Interpreting Oral Lyric Poetry. Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore, vol 67: 171–198. 2017.
  • Why Is Aino not Described as a Black Maiden? Reflections on the Textual Presentations by Elias Lönnrot in the Kalevala and the Kanteletar. In Journal of Finnish Studies 18, 1 / 2014: 91–129. 2014.
  • Do not, folk of the future, bring up a child crookedly! Moral intervention and some other textual practices by Elias Lönnrot. In Limited Sources, Boundless Possibilities. Textual Scholarship and the Challenges of Oral and Written Texts. A special issue of RMN Newsletter. Volume 7, December 2013: 43−56. 2013.
  • Yhteinen perhe, jaetut tunteet. Lyyrisen kansanrunon tekstualisoinnin ja artikuloinnin tapoja Kalevalassa [One family, shared emotions. Textualisation methods and articulation of lyrical folk poetry in the Kalevala]. Turku: Turun yliopisto. 2012.