Dr Pasi Klemettinen

Pasi Klemettinen. Kuva: Philippe Gueissaz

Archival Researcher

E-mail: pasi.klemettinen[at]finlit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)40 730 4374

Research interests:

  • folk beliefs and legends (devils and demons)
  • bears and snakes in finnish folklore

Pasi Klemettinen is the researcher in charge of the planning and coordination of SKS’s digitization (text and visual material). His job also involves the systematic management of the digital material, and the maintenance and development of the archive information system of the Folklore Archives.

The current focus of Klemettinen’s research is the mythical viper of Northern and Border Karelia in the Kalevala-meter poetic and incantatory tradition. As research material he uses the digital resources produced by the Finnish Literature Society

Klemettinen’s academic background is in the folkloristic study of beliefs and narratives. His doctoral thesis dealt with the  “raging demons” of Finnish devil and witchcraft tradition in the Karelian Isthmus and Ladoga Karelia. He has since written about the Finnish “bear” tradition and on poltergeists. Among his other activities is writing about the North Karelian culinary tradition and the ”bear”-related multimedia projects of the late 1990s.