Dr Sakari Katajamäki

Sakari Katajamäki. Kuva: Gary Wornell


Managing Editor

E-mail: sakari.katajamaki[at]finlit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)400 908 056

Research interests:

  • textual criticism, textual scholarship, scholarly editions
  • Lauri Viita, Aleksis Kivi
  • poetry and theory of poetry
  • nonsense literature (Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Christian Morgenstern, nonsense limericks)
  • dreams in literature
  • literary avant-garde and experimental poetry

Sakari Katajamäki works as Managing Editor of the Finnish Literature Society’s unit, Edith – Critical Editions of Finnish Literature. Katajamäki serves on the boards of ESTS (European Society for Textual Scholarship) and Vanhan Kirjallisuuden Päivät festival and as the president of the Aleksis Kivi Society.

Katajamäki previously worked as a researcher and part-time teacher at the Department of Art Studies at the University of Helsinki. He was a member of the research projects Representations as semiotic artefacts (University of Helsinki, 2004-2006) and Illuminating Darkness. Rhetoric, Poetics, and European Writing (Academy of Finland, 2001-2003). In addition, he taught at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the Open University of the University of Helsinki, and he worked as the chief editor of Bibliophilos magazine.

Academic work and publications (in Finnish)