Dr Ulla-Maija Peltonen

Ulla-Maija Peltonen. Kuva: Gary Wornell


E-Mail: ulla-maija.peltonen[at]finlit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)40 580 4943

Research interests:

  • historical narrative tradition
  • oral history methodology
  • relations between private and public narrative in wartime
  • theory and methods of archive research

Peltonen's academic background is in research on the 1918 Finnish civil war in oral and written narrative, and she holds a docentship in folkloristics at the University of Helsinki’s Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies. In her research Peltonen conducted a comparative study of the oral, written and visual materials stored by various archives. Her doctoral thesis (1996) dealt with the emergence of oral history narrative in working-class Finland after 1918. At the Finnish Literature Society, her currentresearch centers on remembering and forgetting, the private and public narratives of prison camp experience, methodological issues of oral history, and archival thinking.

Curriculum vitae