Collaboration Projects

SKS collaborates in many projects both in Finland and abroad.

SKS collaborates mainly with oral history and research organisations. A large number of the research projects are carried out with universities and research departments. The archive and library development projects are mainly carried out with other archives and libraries.

The export of Finnish Literature is done mainly with Finnish and international partners and networks.

Collaboration with memory organizations
The National Digital Library
Finna – Find the treasures of Finnish archives, libraries and museums with a single search
Finto – Finnish thesaurus and ontology service
Ingria and Ingrians – recording histories, preserving memories
Memories of the Stalinist repression project (2021–2022)
Research collaboration and collaboration networks
Collaboration projects
Making and Interpreting Finnish National Past (2012–2015)
Exploring social boundaries from below: Class, ideology and writing practices in 19th-century Finland
Reading and writing from below. Towards a new social history of literacy in the Nordic sphere during the long nineteenth century
Family History: Facilitating Intergenerational and Intercultural Exchange 2013–2014
Research networks
Finnish Oral History Network FOHN
Literary export collaboration (see. FILI collaboration projects