The Finnish Literature Society is a non-profit organization. The highest decision-making body is the annual meeting and the society is managed by the Board of Directors elected by the delegation. SKS's activities are led by the Secretary General. SKS is divided into six sections, according to its tasks:

The Archive, both a central archive of Finnish cultural heritage and a specialized archive of Finnish written culture, works to

  • preserve, grow and make accessible collections of Finnish folklore and literary culture
  • provide education and guidance to researchers and others who require information in the use of its collections.

The Library is a scholarly library specializing in cultural studies, and contains an extensive collection of research on Finnish literature. The library’s task is

  • to acquire and make available information resources on anthropology, ethnology and folklore as well as literary studies
  • to maintain research and information services
  • to provide guidance in the use of its collections and to educate users in the field of cultural information retrieval.

The Research Department is responsible for SKS's research activities. The task of the Research Department is

  • to provide SKS's research projects and researchers with support services (applications for scholarships, workspaces, the Tartu scholars’ residence)
  • collaborate on research with universities and research institutes in Finland and abroad
  • publish critical editions of Finnish literature
  • maintain and develop the Web publication of the Finnish National Biography

The Publishing House  is an academic and non-fiction publisher in the field of the humanities. Its task is

  • to publish peer-reviewed scholarly writing in the fields of literature, cultural studies, history and the Finnish language,
  • to publish non-fiction books in the fields of cultural studies, history and the Finnish language

FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange is an expert-run organization for the export of Finnish literature. Its task is

  • to support the translation, printing and publication of Finland’s Finnish, Swedish and Saami literature around the world
  • to support the translation of fiction and non-fiction in the Finnish, Swedish and Saami languages
  • to promote the knowledge of Finnish literature around the world

The Administration and Finance Department

  • cooperates with elected officials and bodies
  • provides support services: human resources, finance and information management
  • communicates and keeps in touch with SKS’s membership, as well as its key stakeholders