Dr Kirsi Keravuori

Kirsi Keravuori. Kuva: Gary Wornell


Managing Editor

E-mail: kirsi.keravuori[at]finlit.fi
Phone: +358 (0)40 5347418

Research interests:

  • biography and ego-documents
  • letters and epistolary culture
  • 19th century self-taught writers
  • history of the Nordic archipelago and peasant seafaring
  • Digital Humanities

Kirsi Keravuori is Managing Editor of the Biographical Centre of the Finnish Literature Society SKS. She is in charge of the Centre’s research and publication projects, supervises its work and is a member of the editorial boards of the National Biography II (SKS) project, Elias Lönnrot Letters online (SKS), and the Nineteenth-Century Finnish Clergy Project (Finnish Ecclesiastical History Society). She also co-ordinates SKS's Digital Humanities projects and is Research Integrity Adviser at the society.

Keravuori's doctoral dissertation (University on Turku 2015) dealt with  egodocuments of 19th century self-taught writers in a Finnish seafaring community. Her book Saaristolaisia. Elämä, arki ja vanhemmuus laivuriperheen kirjeenvaihdossa (Islanders: Everyday Life and Parenthood in a Country Skipper’s Family Correspondence; abstract in English available at https://skskirjat.pikakirjakauppa.fi/images/kurkkaa/8B/9789522228871/978-952-222-887-1_3abst.pdf) came out in 2017. Keravuori is currently the chairperson of the Finnish Maritime History Association.

Curriculum vitae (in Finnish)