Maija Koskinen, MA.

Maija Koskinen. Kuva: Gary Wornell



Phone: +358 (0)44 566 3224

Research interests:

  • History of 20th century Finnish art
  • contemporary art
  • research on art institutions

Maija Koskinen is preparing a doctoral thesis in art history as part of the University of Helsinki’s history and cultural heritage doctoral training programme, funded by a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The thesis, entitled In the service of art and government -- Kunsthalle Helsinki, 1928-1968, discusses the influence of this key institution of Finnish art and its exhibitions for the development of Finnish art in general. Exploring the links between art and political power, her thesis primarily examines Kunsthalle's role in defining what constitutes art. The study also explores the links between art and political power. The study focuses not only on a number of modern art exhibitions that played an essential role in the development of Finnish art, but also on exhibitions that were forgotten or ignored, largely on political grounds. The historical period in question coincides with the tenure of Kunsthalle’s first director Bertel Hintze (b.1901-d.1969).