Dr Anna Ripatti

Anna Ripatti. Kuva: Gary Wornell


E-Mail: anna.ripatti(at)helsinki.fi

Phone: +358 (0)407750288

Research interests:

  • 19th-century architectural and cultural history
  • history of building conservation and restoration
  • historiography of art history

Dr Anna Ripatti is an art historian who specializes in the 19th century. Her ongoing post-doctoral research, funded by the Kone Foundation (Nordic Rundbogenstil – historicisms in Finnish architecture 1850–1870) deals with the very little-studied field of Finnish architecture and architectural debates of the mid-19th century. Her study examines Finnish buildings that were freed from the classical tradition in the light of international discussions that were taking place in architectural magazines. In her dissertation (2011) Ripatti considered the historical and political importance of the conservation and restoration of Finland’s castles in the late 19th century, especially the architect Jac. Ahrenberg’s (1847-1914) unrealized plans for the restoration of Vyborg and Turku castles. After completing her dissertation she has studied, among other things, the history of the House of Nobility and Munkkiniemi Manor in Helsinki.

Selected publications:

Ruins and Dream Images – Restoring Castles in fin-de-siècle Finland. Mind and Matter – Selected papers of Nordik 2009 Conference for Art Historians. Taidehistoriallisia tutkimuksia – Konsthistoriska studier 41. Toim. Johanna Vakkari. Helsinki: Taidehistorian seura. 2010. s. 228–241.

The Architect Jac. Ahrenberg and Studies on Turku Castle at the Turn of the 20th Century. The Shaping of Art History in Finland. Taidehistoriallisia tutkimuksia – Konsthistoriska studier 36. Toim. Renja Suominen-Kokkonen. Helsinki: Taidehistorian Seura. 2007. s. 53–66.