Dr Cecilia af Forselles

Cecilia af Forselles. Kuva: Gary Wornell

Head librarian

E-Mail: cecilia.afforselles[at]finlit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)44 322 2373

Research interests:

  • oral tradition and written culture
  • cultural history of translations of the Kalevala
  • written memory
  • intellectual, scientific and educational history of Europe
  • communications, information society and libraries

Selected publications:

  • Individualistic Reading Culture. Fiction, Historical Works and Travel Accounts as Literary Genres Enhancing the Development of the Inner Self. Teoksessa: Cecilia af Forselles & Tuija Laine (Ed.) The Emergence of Finnish Book and Reading Culture in the 1700s. Studia Fennica Litteraria, SKS 2011.
  • The A. E. Nordenskiöld Collection. Annotated Catalogue of Maps made up to 1800. Vol. 5:1. & 5:2 [including] Index of Atlases Books and Loose Maps, Chronological Index of Atlases, Books and Loose Maps, Nominal Index, Index of Geographical Names in Alphabetical Order & Index of Geographical names, A hierarchical structure. Helsinki University Library. Helsinki 1995, 360 s. & 251 s.[Ruotsalais-suomalaisen kulttuurisäätiön kulttuuripalkinto v.1997]

Cecilia af Forselles in the University of Helsinki 375 humanists -presentation.