FOHN Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plans and coordinates FOHN’s activities and collaborates with Finnish and international oral history, memory studies, and life storying projects.


Chair: Ulla Savolainen, University of Helsinki

Vice-Chair: Samira Saramo, Migration Institute of Finland

Secretary: Riikka Taavetti, University of Turku

Jonna Katto, University of Helsinki

Katri Kivilaakso, Finnish Literature Society SKS

Liisa Lalu, University of Turku

Pete Pesonen, University of Turku / Finnish Labour Archives (Työväenarkisto)

Bradley Reynolds, University of Helsinki

Hannah Yoken, University of Jyväskylä

Vice Directors:

Anne Heimo, University of Turku

Helena Jerman, University of Helsinki

Treasurer: Tiina-Riitta Lappi, Migration Institute of Finland

Anna Salonen, Finnish Toy Museum