VARIANT: a research network of textual criticism and scholarly editing

Founded in 2007, the nationwide Variant network strives to promote knowledge of the field of textual criticism, information, methodological discussion and collaboration. The network is open to all who are interested in textual criticism and textual scholarship.

The network’s activities are announced on the email list, which you can join by contacting the list owner at owner-variant network [at] If you are already a member of the list, but you want to unsubscribe, you can do so by sending a message to Majordomo [a] Please leave the subject field blank, and in the message field write  "unsubscribe variantti-verkko” (The list’s messages are mostly in Finnish.)

Variant Colloquia

The network has organized annual colloquia on various themes:

  • Variant-Colloquium 2016: Manuscript as Sources.
    (4.11.2016, Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2015: Translations, adaptations, and other radical textual changes.
  • (04.06.2015, SKS)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2014: Scholarly Editing in Finland.
    (05.06.2014, SKS)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2013: Corpus — Database — Edition.
    (05.06.2013, SKS)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2012: Non-linear Texts.
    (24.05.2012, University of Helsinki, folkloristics)
    (In association with the Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics Project,  24 -25.5.2012 Text Encoding Initiative XML workshop, led by guest speaker Øyvind Eide, University of Oslo.)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2011: [sic] — Mistakes.
    (30.05.2011, SKS)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2010: At the Extreme Limits of the Literary Works.
    (31.05.2010, SKS)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2009: Darwin — Drosophila melanogaster — stemmatology.
    (18.05.2009, University of Helsinki, systematic theology)
  • Variant-Colloquium 2008: Making Editions of Letters.
    (03.06.2008, SKS)


  • Lukin, Karina, Frog and Sakari Katajamäki. (eds.), Limited Sources, Boundless Possibilities. Textual Scholarship and the Challenges of Oral and Written Texts. A special issue of RMN Newsletter No 7, December 2013. Helsinki: Folklore Studies / Dept. of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki 2013. (120 pp.). Available at:
  • Hallamaa, Olli – Tuomas Heikkilä – Hanna Karhu – Sakari Katajamäki – Ossi Kokko – Veijo Pulkkinen: Tekstuaalitieteiden sanasto [Lexicon on textual scholarship]. [On-line.] Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura 2010. Available at: URN:NBN:fi:sks-201010061001
  • Katajamäki, Sakari and Ossi Kokko (reviews edited by Mika Hallila and Samuli Hägg) (eds.) Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen aikakauslehti Avain 3/2010. Tekstuaalitieteet (special issue on textual scholarship). (111 pp.). Available at:

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