The Jarl Gallén Prize Seminar

5.11.2019 -
13:00 - 17:00
Finnish Literature Society, Great Hall, Hallituskatu 1, Helsinki


13:00    Opening words
Dr. Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Secretary General, the Finnish Literature Society)

The Jarl Gallén Prize ceremony
Prof. Stephen Mitchell is introduced by prof. Peter Stadius (Chair, the Jarl Gallén Prize Committee) and the prize is presented by prof. Kaarle Hämeri (Chancellor of the University of Helsinki)

13:20    Prize lecture
Prof. Stephen Mitchell (Harvard University): “Magic and Memory in the Medieval North”
– Comment: Dr. Kirsi Kanerva (Chair, Glossa: the Society for Medieval Studies in Finland)


14:30    Paper session
Chair: prof. Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki)

  • Marko Lamberg (Stockholm University / Tampere University): "Traces of Medieval Magic in Early Modern Urban Culture: The Case of Stockholm in the Seventeenth Century"
  • Kati Kallio (Finnish Literature Society / University of Helsinki): "Long Continuums of Vernacular Belief in Finnish 17th-century Charms"
  • Frog (University of Helsinki): "Narrating Magic of the 'Other' in the North: Memory, Tradition, Cultural Transposition and Meaning Construction"
  • Ilya Sverdlov (University of Helsinki): "Word oþer fand, sōðe gebunden, or, (Old) Iceland(ic) is Your (Proust's) Cup of Tea: Compound Noun Morphology in an Environment Where Everybody Remembers Everything"

16:15    Reception