Üle mere – yli meren. Building artistic contacts between Estonia and Finland in the Long Middle Ages

Üle mere – yli meren. Building artistic contacts between Estonia and Finland in the Long Middle Ages
14.10.2022 - 10:30 - 17:30
Finnish Literature Society, Great Hall, Hallituskatu 1, Helsinki
Elina Räsänen, University of Helsinki; Merike Kurisoo, Art Museum of Estonia

Üle mere – Yli meren -seminaarissa kuullaan asiantuntijaesitelmiä, jotka valottavat Suomen ja Viron alueiden yhteisiä kulttuurisia siteitä keskiajan lopulla ja uuden ajan alussa. Monitieteinen kokonaisuus tarjoaa uutta tietoa tekijöistä, vaikuttajista ja lahden yli siirretystä tavarasta. Seminaarin kieli on englanti.

Üle mere – Yli meren seminar explores the artistic contacts between Estonia and Finland in the late Middle Ages and Early Modern era. The scope of interdisciplinary presentations and discussion range from art trade, connections and mobility across the Gulf of Finland to case studies on specific materials and artists.


10.30 Opening words
Doc. Dr. Ilona Pikkanen, Research manager at the research department Finnish Literary Society
Tarmo Saaret, MA, Director of the Niguliste Museum, branch of the Art Museum of Estonia
Doc. Dr. Elina Räsänen and Dr. Merike Kurisoo, leaders of the projects Iconoclash/Kuvakalske and Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue

Chair: Elina Räsänen
Dr Merike Kurisoo (Art Museum of Estonia): A View from the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Finland. The Significance of Tallinn in the Commission, Distribution and Production of Art in the Medieval and Early Modern Baltic Sea Region

Dr. Jan Friedrich Richter (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin): Tallinn as an Art Center in the Early 16th Century. Historical Preconditions

Dr. Anu Mänd (Tallinn University): Estonian-Finnish Art Connections in the Middle Ages

12.30–13.30 Lunch

Chair: Greta Koppel
Lars Nylander, Doctoral researcher (Hälsingland Museum, University of Gothenburg): Michel Sittow and Haaken Gulleson in Dialogue. Late Medieval Sculptures from Local Workshops and Imported Altarpieces in the North of Sweden

Katri Vuola, Doctoral researcher (University of Helsinki): From Alder to Lime Wood. Reflections on Wood Use Culture on Both Sides of the Gulf of Finland in the 14th and 15th centuries

Asst. Prof. Panu Savolainen (Aalto University): The Mobility of Builders and Architectural Innovations between Tallinn and Southern Finland in 15th Century

15.00–15.30 Coffee break

Chair: Merike Kurisoo
Dr. Tuuli Heinonen (University of Helsinki): Contacts across the Sea. Medieval and Early Modern Peasant Trade between Uusimaa and Tallinn

Saila Leskinen, Doctoral researcher (University of Helsinki): The Case of the Siuntio Sculptures. Attribution and Origin

16.30–17.30 Panel discussion
Moderator: Doc. Dr. Elina Räsänen (University of Helsinki)
Speakers: Prof. Krista Kodres (Estonian Academy of Arts), Dr. Greta Koppel (Art Museum of Estonia),
Assoc. Prof. Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki)

17.30 Reception and refreshments

Admission to the event is free. No pre-registration.
The SKS Great Hall can accommodate 100 people.


The entrance for the disabled is from the front door of SKS's Mariankatu side.

The seminar is organised by the University of Helsinki research project Kuvakalske. Fragmentaarisuus ja kuvakalskeen jäljet keskiajan ja uuden ajan alun esineissä – Iconoclash. Fragmentation and Iconoclash in Medieval and Early Modern Objects and research and exhibition project of the Art Museum of Estonia and Hälsingland Museum Michel Sittow Põhjas? Altariretaablid kahekõnes – Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue.

The seminar is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, Kone Foundation and Finnish Literature Society.