Funding from the Academy of Finland for the study of oral poetry

SKS:n arkiston kortistoja. Kuva: Gary Wornell, SKS 2019.
8.6.2020 - 09:45
The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) and the University of Helsinki will receive funding from the Academy of Finland for their four-year research project Formulaic intertextuality, thematic networks and poetic variation across regional cultures of Finnic oral poetry.

The research project (2020–2024) aims to find new perspectives in the broad tradition of Estonian, Karelian, Ingrian Finnish and Finnish oral poetry, also known as rune singing and Kalevalaic poetry.

The project brings together digital materials of oral poetry from two countries, while looking for ways to conduct computational humanistic research in close interdiscliplinary interaction. The goal is to find new perspectives on the interaction between historical local cultures, intertextuality, historical continuums and Finnic mythology. The project aims to develop tools that would also benefit other researchers who examine the same material or similar materials of oral traditions in small languages.

The project will be led by Kati Kallio (PhD, SKS), and the consortium’s other section will be led by professor Eetu Mäkelä (D.Sc. (Tech.)) from the University of Helsinki. Jukka Saarinen (PhD), development manager of SKS archives, will also be working in the project. The joint project between SKS and the University of Helsinki will be carried out in close cooperation with the folklore archives of the Estonian Literary Museum.

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