TEXTUAL TRAILS – Transmissions of Oral and Written Texts

Helsinki, 30 October – 1 November 2014

Texts tend to travel across space and time, whether they are carried by sound waves, embedded in parchments, codices and books, or stored online. They pass from mouth to mouth, from singers' performances to scholars' notes, from stone engravings to printed books, or from writing desks to digital editions, and each of these transmissions leaves traces...

The eleventh international conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship, TEXTUAL TRAILS. Transmissions of Oral and Written Texts (Helsinki, 30 October – 1 November 2014), will explore all kinds of textual trails from various angles of scholarly editing and textual scholarship.

Programme and Abstracts




The conference fee is 50 €. To register for the conference, please complete the registration form.

Registration closes at 4 pm, Tuesday 21 October 2014 (extended deadline).

Helsinki University Reception and Conference Dinner

Participants are kindly invited to the Helsinki University reception that will be held on Thursday evening, 30 October (Main Building, Teachers' lounge, Aleksanterinkatu5, 2nd floor). The option to sign up for the reception will be offered on the online registration form.

The conference dinner will take place on Friday evening, 31 October. If you wish to attend the conference dinner (40 €), please fill the required fields on the registration form.

ESTS membership

All contributors and panel chairs must be members of the European Society for Textual Scholarship for 2014. To join ESTS for 2014, please visit www.textualscholarship.eu/members.html. Members will receive a copy of Variants: The Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship, and they will be permitted to attend the ESTS general membersʼ meeting.

Conference venues

All conference venues are within walking distance of the Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1) and nearby venues (Map):

  • Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1)
  • House of Science and Letters (Kirkkokatu 6)
  • University of Helsinki, Topelia (Unioninkatu 38)
  • University of Helsinki, Main building (Unioninkatu 34)


Conference participants are kindly requested to make their own arrangements for accommodation. For information on accommodation in Helsinki, please visit www.visithelsinki.fi/en/stay-and-enjoy/accommodation


The eleventh conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (Helsinki 2014) is organised by:

  • The Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
  • Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT
  • The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS)
  • University of Helsinki – Faculty of Theology

Conference Committee

  • Sakari Katajamäki, Chair (Finnish Literature Society, SKS)
  • Erika Laamanen, Programme Secretary (University of Helsinki)
  • Anna Pasanen, Conference Secretary (Finnish Literature Society, SKS)
  • Tuomas Heikkilä (Institutum Romanum Finlandiae & University of Helsinki)
  • Märtha Norrback (Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, SLS)
  • Teemu Roos (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT)


Email: ests2014helsinki@gmail.com

Conference Secretary: +358 (0)40 5397852

Address of the conference website: http://www.finlit.fi/ests2014

Information on Helsinki and Finland

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For information on Helsinki and tourism, please visit www.visithelsinki.fi/en

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