Finnish Literature Society (Hallituskatu 1, Helsinki, Finland), 30–31 August, 2018

Conference Programme (preliminary)

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

9:00–9:15      Opening        Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Finnish Literature Society)

9:15–10:45    Keynote         Jason Lavery (Oklahoma State University): Michael Agricola and the Finnish Vernacular Reformation (abstract)

11:15–12:45  Session 1a     Moderator: Jason Lavery (Oklahoma State University)

  1. Dalia Marija Stanciene (Klaipeda University): The Reformation and Cultural Modernization of Lithuania (abstract)
  2. Miia Kuha (University of Jyväskylä): The Teachers and the Listeners? Sermon Reception in Post-Reformation Eastern Finland (abstract)
  3. Joonas Tammela (University of Jyväskylä): Local Sermons as a Source for Study of the Construction of Societal Ideas in Swedish Realm, 1790–1820 (abstract)

11:15–12:45  Session 1b     Moderator: Sini Mikkola (University of Helsinki)

  1. Tapio Salminen (University of Tampere): Daughters Lost and Found: Migration of Finnish Peasant Women to Livonian Cities, ca. 1400–1550 (abstract)
  2. Ilkka Leskelä (University of Helsinki): International Business, Education and Upward Social Mobility: Urban Family Strategies in the Baltic Sea Region, ca. 1400–1550 (abstract)
  3. Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki): Constructing Local Genealogies: a Bailiff as an Autodidact Chronicler (abstract)
  4. Ulla Koskinen (University of Tampere): Religious Expressions in Laymen's Correspondence in Finland, 1570–1600 (abstract)

14:15–15:45  Session 2       Moderator: Kristiina Ross (Institute of the Estonian Language)

  1. Suvi-Päivi Koski (University of Helsinki): A Significant Book Discovery in Germany — Time to Rewrite the Early History of the Finnish language Hymnbook and Catechism? (abstract)
  2. Sanna Raninen (Uppsala University): Size Matters: Making and Using Music Books in Folio in Post-Reformation Sweden (abstract)
  3. Tuija Laine (University of Helsinki): Missionary Work among the Saami, Orthodox Christians and Native Americans in the 17th Century Sweden (abstract)

16:15–17:45  Keynote         Andrew Pettegree (University of St. Andrews): Transforming the Early Modern Book Market: The Dutch in the Baltic (abstract)

Friday, 31 August, 2018

9:15–10:45    Session 3a     Moderator: TBC

  1. Taarna Valtonen (University of Oulu), Kati Kallio (University of Helsinki) & Marko Jouste (University of Oulu): Olaus Sirma: a Saami Poet or a Mediator of the 17th Century Kemi Saami Oral Tradition? (abstract)
  2. Eeva-Liisa Bastman (University of Helsinki): The Kalevalaic Life of Christ: Epic Form and Devotional Features in Matthias Salamnius’ Ilo-Laulu Jesuxesta (abstract)
  3. Janika Oras & Mari Sarv (Estonian Folklore Archives of Estonian Literary Museum): Serfdom and Suppression in Estonian Runo-Songs (abstract)

9:15–10:45    Session 3b     Moderator: Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki)

  1. Gustavs Strenga (Tallinn University): From Undeutsch to Latvians? Ethnicity in Riga Before and During the Reformation (abstract)
  2. Linda Kaljundi (Tallinn University): So Great is Their Hatred against the Germans… Explaining the Rise of Ethnic Antagonism in Late Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Baltic (abstract)
  3. Stefan Donecker (Austrian Academy of Sciences): “Germans have a Hell of Their Own”: The Multilingual Society of the Damned, according to Baltic Witchcraft Trials

11:15–12:45  Keynote         Kristiina Ross (Institute of the Estonian Language): ‘Our Songs’ vs. ‘Your Songs’ in the 17th and 18th Century Estonia (abstract)

14:15–15:45  Session 4       Moderator: Andrew Pettegree (University of St. Andrews): 

  1. Kristi Viiding (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, Estonian Academy of Sciences): Arranging the Early Modern Literary and Book Culture around the Baltic Sea in the Beginning of the 17th Century: the Case of David Hilchen (abstract)
  2. Aivar Põldvee (Tallinn University): The Letters of Käsu Hans and the History of Estonian as a Written Language (abstract)
  3. Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Finnish Literature Society): Catholic Inheritance and Lutheran Networks: The Case of Piae Cantiones collection (1582–1625) (abstract)

15:45–16:00  Closing         Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Finnish Literature Society)