DAOTRIA, Documentation and Archiving
of Oral Tradition: Researches and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Project description

The purpose of the project is to promote the tripartite discussions on issues of collecting and archiving of oral traditions, to establish a practical model which meets the requirements of international standards and satisfy the needs of working model and technical standards of archiving, provide a referential sample for the relevant countries and their development of oral tradition archives, and therefore contribute new approaches to the fieldwork and folklore researches.

Composition of the research team:

  • Name of Principal Investigator (Europe): Dr.Phil. Lauri Harvilahti, Adjunct professor (Docent) for folkloristics, Director of Folklore Archive of Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
  • Name of Principal Investigator (China): Prof. Dr. Yin Hubin
  • Institute of Ethnic Literature of Chinese Academy of Sociel Sciences (CASS)
  • Names of the other partners (Leiden University, Netherlands): Aone Thomas Pieter Gerrit van Engelenhoven, PhD in Linguistics, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Leiden Institute of Area Studies of Leiden University (LIAS)



  • Workshop Documenting Oral Traditions in the Non-Western World, Leiden University, August 28th–30th 2009
  • The Folklore Fellows’ Summer School, August 2nd–8th 2010


Funding: Call CO-REACH (number 134803)

Site of research: The Finnish Literature Society

Contact person:
Lauri Harvilahti, p. +358 (0)201 131 230, lauri.harvilahti[at]finlit.fi