Finnish publishers

FILI supports Finnish publishers and literary agencies in their literary export work through e.g. grants programmes and by building and maintaining professional networks.

FILI’s grants

FILI has five application programmes for translation grants and three for printing grants, through which we award over €600,000 in grants each year. Finnish publishers can apply to FILI for translation grants for translations into Finnish.

FILI also awards travel grants to translators, promotional grants for event organisers abroad and sample translation grants for translators as well as publishers in Finland and abroad.

(Finland-Swedish publishers and societies can apply for grants for the translation and printing of Swedish literature. Starting 1 January 2018, this grant programme will be administered by Svenska Litteratursällskapet.)

Editors’ Week

We invite a number of foreign publishers to Finland each year for Editors’ Week. The aim of the visits is to introduce the publishers to Finnish literature and the local publishing scene. We are happy to receive suggestions of foreign publishers to invite to Finland.

More information about Editors’ Week: