Translator-in-Residence Programme

FILI has its own residency programme for foreign translators of Finnish literature. The next three-week residence period is scheduled from 19 February to 11 March 2018.

The residency programme covers travel, accommodation and a stipend of 300 euros.

You can apply for the residency if you

  • live outside Finland
  • translate from Finnish, Finland-Swedish or Sámi into your mother language
  • are in the finishing stage of your current translation project and/or require e.g. contact with the author or access to archive or library materials.

Villa Salin is an early 20th century villa located in the Lauttasaari district in Helsinki, only a 15 minute bus journey from the city centre — in February/March the underground connection might already work, too.

The rooms are fully furnished and come with bedding and towels. Several lounge areas suitable for creative work are at the residents’ disposal, in addition to two showers, three toilets, a fully equipped kitchen, and a laundry machine. The villa is owned by The Feminist Association Unioni.

The residence has a WiFi connection.

Lauttasaari offers a library, shopping centre and other services as well as beautiful natural surroundings.

The electronic application form is now open. Remember to attach your CV and work plan.

Apply by 5 November 2017. Decisions are announced by 20 November 2017.

More information: 

Mattias Huss (SWE) and Jesper Klint Kistorp (DEN) were our translators-in-residence in 2017.