Tomi Kontio: Daddy Grew Wings in Spring

Tom and Tim Eagle are twins who live a quiet life in a peaceful suburb. One sunny May morning changes their whole life. The earth begins to tremble and the sky turns red. Their father grows huge wings and disappears into the sky that opens in a hole in the ground!

Paula Noronen: Superguinea Flies to India

11-year-old Emilia is a rather ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life with her mother and her pet guinea pig. But every now and then Emilia's life becomes really extraordinary. When someone needs help, the Great Guinea summons her. That's when it's time for Emilia to take a drink from her guinea pig's water bottle and turn into the furry, strong, and righteous Superguinea, with super powers.

Eppu Nuotio: Kingi of the Island

Kingi, a large, black gentleman dog, friend to both the two and four-legged, is a charmer! “I am presentable, an aficionado of walkies, good food, cuddles, and lounging on the sofa, seeking a companion for a serious relationship...”