Annika Luther: The Forest that God Forgot

The school offers a course which 14 pupils have jumped at the chance to take: Together with a teacher and a wilderness guide they set off into the great forest to spend a week learning to live in and off nature. But from the beginning things start to go wrong. Rain pours down, their mobile phones are involved in an accident, and what side of the border are the group really on?

Sari Peltoniemi: The Servant of Dusk

The Servant of Dusk takes place in a world familiar from Sari Peltoniemi’s earlier fantasy novel, The Scale. Kaarina’s and Valeri’s ballad-like love story is intertwined with a fascinating alternative history and the timeless charm of fantasy – and with Jesse, whose game has turned into reality.

Terhi Rannela: Amsterdam, Anne F. and me

A funny and brave novel about 15-year-old Kerttu and her colorful week-long vacation in Amsterdam. Kerttu has ended her relationship with Mira with an embarrassing text message, and Mira is furious. Kerttu’s relationship with Jim, on the other hand, is thriving, although he lives hundreds of kilometers away.

Seita Parkkola: The School of Possibilities

The School of Possibilities is a captivating novel about an ordinary boy who takes extraordinary measures to bring down a tyrannical institution. Parkkola's arresting tales deftly describe the themes of responsibility, friendship and achieving independence.

Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen: Silja’s Song

Silja’s Song. The Story of a Girl Band (Siljan laulu, Karisto 2007). 15-year-old Silja, the protagonist of Silja’s Song is grieving for her father, but her life takes a turn for the better when she becomes the front woman in an all-girl band.