Promotional grants

Please notice: No further promotional grant applications for 2018 are accepted this year. You may apply promotional grants for 2019 via the electronic form.

FILI invites applications for grants to support promotional activities for new or recently published translations of Finnish books abroad. Grants will be awarded only for the purpose of covering travel expenses (such as airline or train tickets from the country of residence to the country of destination) for Finnish authors to attend promotional events. Promotional grants cannot be used for accommodation costs, local traffic or taxi costs or authors’ fees.

The purpose of FILI’s promotional grants is to promote the sales and media coverage of translated works in the countries where they are published, and thereby to increase awareness of Finnish literature abroad.

Applications for promotional grants may be submitted by foreign publishers or organisations arranging events in conjunction with a foreign publisher. Priority will be given to professional projects involving a variety of events for the author. A programme and marketing plan for the promotional tour or event must be included with the application. Applications must be submitted at least two months before the event.

The party submitting an application is responsible for making travel arrangements for the author. Travel insurance is the responsibility of the speaker or the applicant. For successful applications, grants will be paid only against actual costs incurred following submission of an itemised invoice along with supporting evidence of expenses (copies of, or receipts for, travel tickets) and a report on the event (including media coverage, audience, book sales).

All publications (brochures, programmes, handouts, electronic publications, etc.) connected with an event receiving a promotional grant must include the FILI logo. You can also send us marketing information, such as announcements on your website or Facebook page, about your event beforehand.

In addition to these promotional grants, FILI will also consider awarding grants for author visits that are not in conjunction with the publication of a new translation – particularly for poets to take part in poetry festivals.