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Kolonkolonkolo (‘Holey-holey-hole’) is a website about children’s and young people’s literature, intended to introduce both Finnish and foreign readers to the work and individual working methods of eminent authors of literature for children and young people.

The website is a collaborative project between The Arts Council of Häme and FILI, and it is also a part of Finland’s Guest of Honour Project for Frankfurt Book Fair 2014.

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What is “Kolonkolonkolo”?

“Kolonkolonkolo” is from the poem Tufty (Haitula) by award-winning Finnish children’s writer Kirsi Kunnas:

There once was a man called Tufty
who was ever, ever so small,
tiny and teeny-weeny,
quite impossibly small.

He had his home in a mushroom
that had a mushroom feel,
a very odd mushroom
that just happened to be real.

And in that mushroom
there were fifty-five holes
and fifty-five holey-holes
and a hundred holey-holey-holes.

But Tufty thought one day
you know, it really stinks
that there aren’t fifty-six,
and so he went away.

From Tiitiäisen satupuu (‘The Tumpkin’s wonder tree’, WSOY, 1956)

Translated by David McDuff



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