Dr Risto Blomster, Archival Researcher

  • music of Finland's Roma
  • sound archives
  • folk music archive materials

Dr Lauri Harvilahti, emeritus

  • epic poetry
  • folkloristic archive research
  • ethnocultural notions of belonging and cultural identities
  • history of folkloristic research

Dr Niina Hämäläinen, Researcher

  • Kalevala meter poetry
  • Kalevala and the study of the epic
  • Critical editions
  • textualization research
  • cultural history of emotions and the family

Dr Kati Kallio, Academy Research Fellow

  • Finnic oral poetry, singing cultures
  • performance, genre and intertextuality
  • emotion, ritual and vernacular belief
  • metrics and music

Dr. Hanna Karhu, Researcher

  • literary manuscripts
  • genetic criticism
  • Otto Manninen

Dr Sakari Katajamäki, Managing Editor

  • textual criticism, textual scholarship, scholarly editions
  • Lauri Viita, Aleksis Kivi
  • poetry and theory of poetry
  • literary avant-garde and experimental poetry
  • digital humanities

Dr Kirsi Keravuori, Publishing Director

  • biography and ego-documents
  • letters and epistolary culture
  • 19th century self-taught writers
  • history of the Nordic archipelago and peasant seafaring

Prof. Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen, Secretary General

  • interfaces of  oral and literary culture in the Early Modern Baltic Sea region
  • Medieval history and and literature in Latin
  • historiography of the Middle Ages and in the early modern age
  • rhetoric and poetics

Dr Ulla-Maija Peltonen, emerita

  • historical narrative tradition
  • oral history methodology
  • relations between private and public narrative in wartime
  • theory and methods of archive research

Dr Ilona Pikkanen, Researcher

  • 19th-century historical culture
  • Digital Humanities
  • historical fiction
  • history of historiography

Dr. Jukka Saarinen, Researcher

  • Kalevala epic
  • digitized archive materials and databases
  • folkloristic fieldwork

Dr. Viliina Silvonen, Post doctoral researcher

  • folklore studies, ethnomusikology
  • karelian lament tradition
  • performance, practice, genre
  • affects, emotions
  • archival material