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The academic literature published by SKS in English under the series Studia Fennica includes half a dozen titles every year. Based on peer evaluation, the selection of the published manuscripts is made by the publication committee constituted by experts. The authors are among the world’s top scholars in their respective areas of expertise.

In the recent international evaluation made by the Finnish Council of University Rectors and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, the Finnish Literature Society ranked among the highest category of academic publishers, such as MIT Press, Oxford University Press and Verso Press, to name a few.

The Studia Fennica Series, which dates back to 1933, showcases work on the Finnish language, literature, history and culture. Studia Fennica publishes recent and novel research in English, in the form of both monographs and edited volumes which often combine Finnish and international contributions. The series comprises six sub-series: Anthropologica, Ethnologica, Folkloristica, Historica, Linguistica, and Litteraria, each of which has its own editor-in-chief. The volumes in each series are internationally refereed.

Starting in 2016, the Studia Fennica series will be published in open access.


Studia Fennica Anthropologica is a contribution to international scholarly knowledge in the field of social and cultural anthropology. It seeks to present novel theoretical arguments and to ground them in sufficient ethnographic materials to reflect the diversity of the contemporary world.

Studia Fennica Ethnologica focuses on European ethnology and related disciplines with a cross-disciplinary approach in cultural analysis and ethnography. Both contemporary and historical perspectives are welcome, always based on current theoretical discussions.

Studia Fennica Folkloristica is an international forum for folklore research. It publishes both monographs and edited volumes on folklore, folklife, mythology, and oral history. The series welcomes both theoretical analyses and empirical studies on the expressive cultures of the world.

Studia Fennica Historica is a scholarly forum for historical studies, mainly for contributions connected with Finland or with a comparative perspective involving Finnish history, but also general European history. All periods from ancient times to contemporary history are welcome.

Studia Fennica Linguistica presents Finnish research on linguistics topics to the international audience. The series embraces all fields of linguistics, from onomastics to interactional studies, and highlights work on the languages of Finland, and on Finnish and its cognate languages.

Studia Fennica Litteraria offers a publication venue for studies on Finnish literature. The vision of the series is comparative: the volumes aim at creating dialogue between the study on Finnish and European literatures and at spreading Finnish literature research abroad.


If you would like to offer a manuscript to be published in the Studia Fennica series, please send a proposal to from where it will be forwarded to the editor-in-chief of the corresponding Studia Fennica subseries. For more information, please contact Publications Coordinator Maija Yli-Kätkä.

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