Ihmisiä tutkijasalissa tutustumassa kortistoihin ja arkistoaineistoihin.

Using the Archive materials

You can study the archival materials in our reading rooms. Our staff is available to help you with information searches and assist you with questions.

You can use the materials in the reading rooms (Hallituskatu 1, Helsinki and Yliopistokatu 6A, Joensuu).

  • We recommend contacting the Archives in advance to get instant access to the materials
  • You may access not only the catalogue but also some on the archive material online
  • In addition to our online database, you may also utilize the manual card catalogues in the reading room
  • We will assist you in ordering microfilms from other archives, libraries and museums in Finland
  • We will guide and help you in ordering and using materials.

Regulations and restrictions

In signing an order form for materials, you agree to abide by SKS’s regulations and agree that you will not use the data to the detriment of individuals or to demean the individuals or their relatives who disclosed the information to them. You must also comply with the restrictions set by donors.

The use of the material must comply with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities of the Finnish authorities (621/1999) 27 §, and the provisions of the copyright legislation: 10 § of, the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the constitutional protection of private life (731/1999). The laws relating to data, and the regulations, rules and instructions, are available in the Archive’s reading rooms.

Research and publication

In your research, you must quote and cite references in accordance with the rules and regulations of the archives.

You must mention the Finnish Literature Society in your list of sources. In other respects, comply with general scholarly reference practice. The customer service will give you more detailed guidance with referencing.

  • Permission is always required to publish archival material. You must agree on the procedures with the Archives
  • You must provide the archives with a copy of the publication in which archival materials have been used.

Interlibrary loan service

You may request microfilms at the SKS Archives’ reading room as an interlibrary loan from other archives, libraries and museums.

  • The microfilms are mainly copies of textual material such ascorrespondence and manuscripts.
  • The contents of microfilms may be copied only by agreement
  • Interlibrary loans are subject to a fee set by SKS

Should you like to request an interlibrary loan, please contact the customer service of the Archives.

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Photo: Emma Suominen