Punatiilinen rakennus, ympärillä vihreä nurmikko ja koivuja.

Joensuu branch collections

The Joensuu branch of the SKS Archives collects and preserves folklore and oral history narratives related to eastern parts of Finland. In Joensuu, you can access all the digitised material of the SKS Archives, as well as the microfilm copies of the texts in the traditional and contemporary culture  collection.

At the archive, you can

  • study text material
  • listen to recordings of traditions and oral history
  • view the picture collections
  • read the microfilm material
  • browse or listen to the digitised material on a computer terminal
  • take copies of the material (restrictions may apply).

The Joensuu branch’s operations focus on cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland and other local operators. In addition to researchers and students, the archive caters to anyone interested in traditions.

Contact us

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040 779 7708 / 040 730 1739

Photo: Jukka Timonen