Support us

The Finnish Literature Society is a non-profit association that promotes the study and dissemination of Finnish culture. We offer services open to everyone – our goal is that everyone has access to researched information and its sources. We would greatly appreciate your support, whether it’s through a donation or by participating in our projects.

Your support in researching and promoting Finnish culture is deeply valued and essential.

You can support our efforts in many ways:

  • Make a difference: Donate funds to the research of Finnish culture.
  • Visit us: You’re welcome to access our archives and library – or explore a wealth of information in SKS Finna.
  • Seminars: We offer venues for scientific seminars. Participate or suggest topic.
  • Read or become a bookmaker: Our new titles are published in print and in open access.
  • Cultural events: Attend our events, or contact us if you have a suggestion for an event suitable for SKS.
  • Oral history collections: Suggest topics and contribute to documenting Finnish cultural heritage.
  • Research collaboration: We are open to collaboration proposals in cultural research.

Interested in supporting our efforts or exploring collaboration? Please get in touch for more details:

Secretary General
Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen
+358 40 560 9879