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Scholarly publishing and peer review

We publish every year approximately twenty peer-reviewed academic volumes in the field of humanities. Our Studia Fennica series, published in English, includes works from the fields of anthropology, ethnology, folklore studies, history, literature and linguistics. Our new titles are published in print and open access.

The high quality of SKS academic publications is ensured with our meticulous peer review process. We use the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ badge for peer-reviewed academic books.

We are happy to receive book proposals! Below you can read more on our peer review process. Click here to read on how to submit a manuscript.

Our scholarly books are published both as printed books and as open access e-books, which are efficiently disseminated online.

The book proposals and finished manuscripts offered for our Finnish-language scholarly series are handled by the SKS publication coordinator, who takes them to the Publishing Committee responsible for the peer review of each series.

In our Studia Fennica series in English, the editor-in-chief of each discipline-specific sub-series is responsible for peer review. The editors-in-chief (and deputy editors-in-chief) together form the Editorial Board of Studia Fennica.

Manuscripts that are deemed suitable for our academic series are sent to be reviewed by at least two external, anonymous experts. Our peer review process is double-anonymous: The author and reviewers remain anonymous to one another.

The publishing committee or the Studia Fennica series editor-in-chief will decide, based on the experts’ reviews, whether or not the manuscript is accepted or rejected, or if changes are requested from the author. In the case that the author is requested to make changes, they are asked to draft a report of revisions, detailing the revisions made to the manuscript. If necessary, the manuscript and report of revisions will be sent for an additional inspection to an expert.

When the editor-in-chief of the series considers the book ready for approval, the entire Editorial Board of Studia Fennica proposes that the book be approved. All final publishing decisions are made by the academically distinguished Publishing Committee appointed by the SKS Board of Directors. The Publishing Committee meets regularly during the year.

Expert reviews support authors in developing their manuscripts and help the publisher in decision-making.

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