The Finnish Literature Society distributes grants and awards from five different funds for research on and advancement of folklore, literature and the Finnish language. In addition, FILI – Finnish Literature in Exchange distributes grants for the translation of Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi literature.

An award from the Aleksis Kivi Fund will normally be made every three years (next in 2026) to a distinguished Finnish author. Award decisions are based on the author’s entire ouevre.

Grants from the Elias Lönnrot Fund are distributed every two years (next in 2024) to researchers working on Finland’s culture and cultural heritage – in particular in the fields of linguistic studies, folklore and literary studies.

Grants from the Martti Haavio and Aale Tynni Fund are awarded every two years (next in 2025) with priority going to a young researcher working on Finnish folk poetry or Finnish literature.

The Pentti and Eva Lyly Fund distributes grants every two years (next in 2025) to young researchers for the study of Finnish-language literature.

The Samuli Paulaharju Fund distributes awards and grants every two years (next in 2024) to folklore collectors or field researchers.