At the research department of the Finnish Literature Society a diverse group of experts research Finnish language and cultural phenomena from a wide variety of perspectives. Our department hosts project researchers employed by SKS and grant-funded researchers. If you have qualified for funding for your project, you can apply for a workstation at the research department. Join us!

The support of our inspiring, multidisciplinary community manifests in our regularly occurring research seminars as well as our weekly shared coffee breaks, where you can discuss your work or any interesting ideas with your fellow scholars. We also enjoy the historic milieu of the House of Nobility, and the vast archival and library collections of the Finnish Literary Society located in the main building right across the street.

Guest researchers at SKS are able to use the following:

  • a workstation with the essentials (desk, chair, lighting, shelf space)
  • a network printer and a selection of office supplies
  • a multidisciplinary, humanist work community
  • the opportunity to participate in research seminars and other events for researchers
  • administrative services (e.g. assistance in creating application budgets)
  • the services of SKS’ library and archive nearby

Selection criteria for guest researchers:

  • The research project is of high quality and relevance for the Finnish Literature Society
  • The topic or method of research strengthens and diversifies the research department.
  • The research topic is connected to SKS’ archival materials or current research themes.
  • The researcher primarily makes use of their workstation and is able to participate in the department’s activities (research stays abroad etc. are taken into account.)
  • The researcher has secured funding. Possible coverage for workstation expenses included in the funding is taken into consideration, but this is not a deciding factor.

You can apply for either a full term or a partial term. The full details of the application process will be published closer to the application period in spring 2024.

More information: Ilona Pikkanen, research manager (