Asiakas tarkastelee kirjoja.


The Library of Finnish Literature Society is a scientific special library focused on the cultural research and literary research.

Our library is open to anyone.

We provide materials and services to researchers and others interested in culture and cultural research as well as Finnish literature and its research.

The Cultural Research Collection

The Literary Studies Collection

Special Collections

Opening Hours

Week 15

Monday 8.4. 10.00–18.00
Tuesday 9.4. 10.00–18.00
Wednesday 10.4. 10.00–18.00
Thursday 11.4. 10.00–18.00
Friday 12.4. 10.00–16.00
Saturday 13.4. Closed
Sunday 14.4. Closed

Outside of our opening hours, you can return your loans to the book drop box located on the Mariankatu side of the SKS building.

What do we do at the SKS library?


  • follow the research and publication activities of our key fields and make available material on them
  • guide researchers and other people in need of information in the use of data materials and services
  • develop the accessibility of our materials in cooperation with the library network.

1831 Finnish Literature Society and its library were established.
1962The ethnological department was established.
1976The Library of Helsinki University serves as the Central Library of the Humanities. The SKS library is responsible for the sciences of ethnology and folkloristics.
1992The SKS library becomes one of the Helka Libraries.

Contact Us




+358 201 131 272

Acquisition proposal

We are happy to receive proposals for material suitable for our library collection.

Sinipunainen yksityiskohta lasimaalauksesta SKS:n arkistossa.


Approach our information service when you need help with information retrieval and finding materials on folklore, oral history or Finnish literature.

Photos: Emma Suominen, Vesa Kyllönen.