Vanhaa kirjaa tarkastellaan.

    The library’s special collections remind of Finnish Literature Society’s long history.

    Materials belonging to library’s special collections are mainly available for use on the library premises only.

    Archive collection of SKS publications

    The archival collection of SKS publications contains a copy of each work published by the Finnish Literature Society. In 2021, the collection was selected for the national register of the UNESCO’s Memory of the World programme.

    Photo: Gary Wornell.

    The Kalevala collection

    The library’s Kalevala collection contains:

    • Finnish editions of the Kalevala, our national epic
    • Finnish abridgements and adaptations
    • translations and abridged as well as adapted translations of the Kalevala into around sixty languages.

    Research literature on Kalevala is placed in other collections of the library, especially in the collections of cultural research and literary research.

    Photo: Emma Suominen.

    The Matti Kuusi collection

    This extensive collection of paremiological literature contains standard Finnish texts, international classics and rare works on proverbs from different parts of the world.

    Photo: Emma Suominen.

    Vanha Fennica

    Vanha Fennica (Old Fennica), the library’s most significant special collection, contains the oldest Finnish literature from the period of Swedish rule (–1809) and the period before the Turku fire (1828).

    Photo: Emma Suominen.

    Photos: Emma Suominen, Gary Wornell.