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Are you looking to publish your research? SKS is Finland’s largest publisher of open access scholarly books in the field of humanities. We publish peer-reviewed scholarly books in the fields of literature, cultural studies, history and the Finnish language.

We are happy to receive interesting proposals and manuscripts. Read below on how to publish with us!

Our scholarly books are published both as printed books and as open access e-books, which are efficiently disseminated online.

Frequently asked questions on publishing with us

If you want to offer a book proposal or a manuscript for our Studia Fennica series in English, download the book proposal form (docx), fill it in carefully and send it along with any finished manuscript to the editor-in-chief of the sub-series corresponding to the discipline of the book. See here for the Studia Fennica editors-in-chief.

Unfortunately the book proposal form is currently only available in Finnish, but you can fill it out in English. If you’re having trouble understanding the questions in the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to read more about our peer review process.

Once a book has been accepted into the SKS publishing programme, the publishing coordinator will send the authors a publishing agreement and instructions on how to proceed.

Manuscripts are always unique. Finalisation, details and technical editing as well as the publishing schedule are agreed in a meeting with the book’s assigned publishing editor.

We design each book’s marketing materials in cooperation with the author. We ask the authors to write a short blurb on the book, which is used in the books’ marketing. Before the book is published, we meet with the author(s) to discuss the best way to market the book.

Our scholarly volumes have their own, distinctive appearance designed by a graphic designer. All our new titles are published in print through Books on Demand and in open access under the Creative Commons lisence CC BY-NC-ND.

We guarantee a long period of availability for our printed books. Books published in open access reach a wide audience around the globe.

Every spring, we publish a book catalogue which presents the books accepted into our publication programme for the current year and the books published at the end of the previous year. The catalogue is distributed to the media, bookstores and libraries.

Every new book is announced on the social media channels of SKS, and discipline-specific media are also contacted. Thanks to high-quality metadata, our open access books are also very visible in various international academic databases (e.g. OAPEN and DOAB).

Our publications are also visible at various events in their disciplines, such as seminars and conferences.

Effective dissemination and good visibility of published research is the shared goal of the publisher and the author. We invite all of our book authors to a meeting where we agree on the marketing activities for each book.

The book can be bought from several online stores (including Amazon) and well-stocked bookstores. We have our own online bookstore. Our publishers’ store is bookstore Tiedekirja in Helsinki.

We publish in open access

The books in our scholarly series are published in both printed form and as open access e-books. Open access publishing gives researchers visibility and readers free access to the latest information. We charge a fee for open access publishing from those researchers and research projects that have funding earmarked for it. We never charge individual researchers a fee, and possible funding does not influence our publication decisions.

Our open access e-books are published on the publishing platform of Ubiquity Partner Network. The experts at our library produce metadata relevant to the books, which we export to OAPEN, DOAB and other international academic databases. In this way, our publications find their readers efficiently, and especially our books in English are read all over the world. Our publishing platform makes it possible to monitor how many times the books are read and downloaded.

On our own publishing platform at, our scholarly books can be downloaded as EPUB and PDF files. The books are published under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND, which allows the non-commercial use of the work on condition that the author is mentioned, but prohibits the modification of the work. Find out more about the terms of the licence on the Creative Commons website. Each book also receives a permanent DOI identifier suitable for scholarly referencing.

New types of materials, such as audio or moving image, can also be attached to the e-book. For example, you can refer to online sources directly from the e-book with a link. We are happy to inform prospective authors about the possibilities of open access publishing.

Our new titles are available in open access