The archives at SKS is open to all. The collections contain materials from traditional and contemporary culture in Finland and Finnish literature and cultural history. We provide services in Helsinki.

Our objectives are to:

  • collect, preserve and provide access to collections on Finnish folklore and literary culture
  • participate and collaborate archival projects and programmes
  • provide expert guidance to researchers and the public.

The Archive materials on Literature and Cultural History

contains materials related to literature and cultural history, e.g. archives of writers and literary figures. Our materials range from Aleksis Kivi to contemporary writers. Personal archives may pertain to individuals and families or to different covenants, containing e.g. manuscripts, letters, documents, photographs and sound recordings.

The Archive materials on Traditional and Contemporary Culture

This collection has accumulated since the early nineteenth century when folk poetry collection began. The bulk of this collection was assembled by early collectors of folklore working for the Finnish Literature Society. It features folklore recorded from across the different parts of Finland, Karelia and Ingria. Later, the collection continued to grow through the oral history and folklore questionnaires concerning a variety of topics. Most recent materials regarding cultural phenomena have been submitted in the Archives this week. contains materials related to folklore and oral history. The collection includes manuscripts, photographs, recordings and videos.

Using the Archive materials

You can study the archival materials in our reading rooms. Our staff is available to help you with information searches and assist you with questions.

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