Kirjaston tiloja.

The literary studies collection focuses on research on Finnish literature. Our extensive collection of fiction primarily serves the needs of research.

The library’s literary studies collection contains:

  • Finnish-language fiction and children’s literature
  • research on Finnish literature
  • biographies of Finnish authors
  • translations of Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Finnish Sámi literature into other languages.

Availability and use of the literary studies collection

Most of the collection of literary studies is situated on the ground floor of the library as part of open stacks. You can collect the material from the open stacks yourself. This material includes, for instance:

  • Finnish literature from 1920 onward
  • Literature studies
  • Biographies
  • Children’s literature

We have situated the translations of Finnish Literature on the visiting floor of the library.

The closed stacks also include literature studies. These parts of literary studies collection are, for instance:

  • Finnish literature up to 1949
  • Literature series, drama series
  • Graphic novels
  • Foreign literary studies up to 1970
  • Journals and literary magazines
  • Children’s literature, excluding the most recent publication years

This material must be ordered for use in advance.

You can check title and volume-specific location information at SKS Finna or Helka.

The information is mainly found in the library’s collection catalogue in the Helka database and in SKS Finna.

However, some materials are not catalogued in the database. These include, for instance, foreign literary studies situated in the closed stacks.

The availability of material that is missing from the collection database can always be confirmed by the library staff.

Most of the material can be borrowed.

However, the following materials are only available in the library:

  • books and journals published before 1900
  • reference works and bibliographies
  • latest issue of magazines
  • fragile publications etc.

The e-collection of literary studies include

  • open access books, theses and scientific journals
  • licensed material (available on SKS’ network), containing scientific journals

Our e-collection of literary studies centres on the open access publications of Finnish literary studies.

Browse references in SKS Finna

New arrivals, literary studies

Open access books, literary studies

Open access journals, literary studies

Acquisition proposal

Is the publication you are looking for missing from our collection?

We are happy to receive proposals for material suitable for the literary studies collection.

Translations of Finnish literature

The collection of translations of Finnish literature is being increased in cooperation with SKS’s Finnish Literature Exchange FILI. The collection includes translations of literature originally published in Finnish, Swedish or Sámi into more than seventy languages. The most common translation languages are Swedish, German, Estonian and English.

The collection is mainly located on the entrance floor of the library.

The Finnish Literature in Translation

SKS maintains The Finnish Literature in Translation database which contains references to Finnish, Swedish and Sami fiction and non-fiction translations.

Photos: Emma Suominen, Tytti Rajahonka, Gary Wornell, Vesa Kyllönen.