Kirjaston tiloja.

The library’s cultural research collection includes Finnish and international material from the following fields:

  • folkloristics
  • ethnology
  • cultural anthropology
  • religious studies.

The collection also contains multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary literature on cultural heritage.

Availability and use of the cultural research collection

More than half of the collection is placed on the open access shelves – D-H and D-H.ak (books) and Di (newspapers). You can pick up the material from the ground floor of the library.

Foreign books published before 1970 (D-H.v and and foreign journals published before 2000 (Di.v) are placed in the closed stacks. The material must be ordered for use in advance. Read more: Reservations and retrieval requests from closed stacks.

You can check title- and item-specific location information at SKS Finna or Helka.

For the most part, information on the material belonging to the collection can be found in SKS Finna. Its default search targets the library’s collection catalogue in the Helka database and SKS’s digital library in the Doria service.

However, some materials, including much of the small print, are not listed in the database. If you are looking for cultural research material published before 1990 and you cannot find it in SKS Finna, ask the library staff about availability.

Most of the material can be borrowed.

However, the following materials are available for use on the library premises only:

  • books and journals published before 1900
  • reference works and bibliographies
  • latest issue of journals
  • fragile publications etc.
  • licensed electronic material.

You can check title- and item-specific availability in SKS Finna or Helka.

The e-collection includes Finnish and international

  • open access books, theses and scientific journals
  • open access databases (search services)
  • licensed journals (available on SKS’ network) and
  • licensed databases (search services) (available on SKS’ network).

You can search and browse our e-material in SKS Finna.

Browse references in SKS Finna

New items in the cultural research collections

Open access books, cultural research

Open access journals, cultural research

Acquisition proposal

Is the publication you are looking for missing from our collection?

We are happy to receive proposals for material suitable for the collection of cultural research.

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Photos: Emma Suominen, Tytti Rajahonka, Gary Wornell.