Library Reference and Information Services

Kuva: Gary Wornell
Photo: Gary Wornell
Ask us when you need information about folklore or literature.

Our information specialists help you find information and sources of information concerning

  • folklore and cultural research, as well as
  • Finnish literature.

We search for information in our collections and use available databases and search services. If necessary, we will co-operate with the SKS archives and other SKS departments. We can also support you if you want to search for information on your own. 

We instruct our customers on finding printed and electronic material and using library services.

If you need information services, please contact us in advance so that our information specialists can arrange time to process your question. This way, you will receive a dedicated service, and you will not have to experience unnecessary delays or fruitless visits to the library. Our information specialists will answer your questions during the opening hours of the library on the day following your request at the earliest, or no later than within a week.

Contact channels:

  • Ask SKS form
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +358 201 131 272
    You can leave a request to contact an information expert with the customer service team of the library.

Our information services are mainly free of charge. Extensive reference services are subject to a charge, and it must always be agreed in advance.