About the Finnish Literature Society (SKS)

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) promotes the advancement of a diverse Finnish culture. The work of SKS is based on an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the roots of the culture and the contemporary profile of a multicultural and multilingual Finland.


  • is a learned society and non-governmental organization founded in 1831
  • stores, preserves and studies Finnish culture
  • is Finland's largest scholarly and non-fiction publisher in the field of the humanities
  • provides grants for the export of Finnish literature
  • conveys information about oral and written Finnish cultures and their study.

At SKS Finnish oral culture is modified by literary means, and Finnish is developed as a language of the civilized world.

The Finnish word kirjallisuus (literature) was devised for the name of the Finnish Literature Society in 1831.

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During the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017 SKS will take a long look round: we shall mak