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The Finnish Literature Society began publishing books as early as 1834 and is the oldest publishing house in Finland. In the first decades SKS published mainly text books, non-fiction books and dictionaries, as well as classics translated into Finnish. The Society was also the first to publish literary works written in Finnish.

Today the Finnish Literature Society is the largest publisher of arts related non-fiction in Finland. Each year SKS publishes around 60 new titles in the fields of folklore, ethnology, history, art, literary criticism and Finnish language research.

As a publishing house, the Finnish Literature Society has enjoyed wide acclaim. It has been awarded the State Prize for the Dissemination of Knowledge and has also been named Publisher of Year. Many of its publications have won awards for scientific merit, including the prestigious Finlandia Prize for Non-Fiction (Tieto-Finlandia) and a number of nominations, Scientific Book of the Year, as well as other awards for non-fiction books. The books have also received both local and international recognition for their layout and design.


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