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Non-fiction Editors’ Week in Helsinki 25–27 November

FILI will host an Editors’ Week visit for non-fiction publishers 25–27 November 2019. Our guests are Jaya Aninda Chatterjee (Yale University Press, US), Martin Janik (Piper Verlag, Germany), Elin Sennerö Kaunitz (Norstedts, Sweden), Dorota Nowak (Sonia Draga, Poland), Lidia Rey (Galaxia Gutenberg, Spain), […]
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Results of the application period published by 13 December

Application period for FILI grants ended 1 November. FILI’s advisory board makes the grant decisions and the decisions are published after the board meeting by 13 December 2019.
Our next application period begins 1 January 2020.
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Application period to FILI’s Translator-in-residence programme ends 24 November 2019

FILI’s translators-in-residence programme supports the work of professional translators who translate Finnish literature and live outside of Finland. The application period ends 24 November 2019. Applications are to be submitted via the electronic form on the FILI website.
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A Fellowship programme for translators of Finnish literature in Helsinki 23.–25.10.2019

FILI arranges a Fellowship programme for translators of Finnish literature in connection with the Helsinki Book Fair. Nearly 50 translators from Finnish or Finland-Swedish will participate and most of them have traveled from abroad for the occasion.
The Fellowship programme starts […]
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